Abhati Pebble - Shampoo bar holder

by Abhati Suisse


It is no secret that Abhati Suisse is one of our heart projects.
When we were approached with the task to develop an eco-friendly shampoo bar holder we were thrilled!
After loads of sketching, 3D-work and 3D printing it is here now: our "Pebble".

These beautiful shampoo bar holders are not only incredibly practical, they're an absolute eye-catcher in the bathroom. And the best: The Pebbles are made of bamboo! Beautiful to look at and good for the environment, as they are 100% compostable. 

This bar-holder comes in a soft cream, with a natural pattern and matte velvety feel. A small stage on the bottom of the container allows the shampoos to dry after washing your hair. Whether in the shower or on the go, the Pebbles put an end to soggy shampoo bars! (Please leave the lid open after use to allow air to help thoroughly dry your favourite bar!)

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