Ramen - Selbst gemacht!

by Lesser Panda Ramen


Our friend Florian Ridder at Lesser Panda Ramen has been keeping the Paperlux team well fed and excited about Ramen since opening up shop in Hamburg - and now with his new book, everyone gets to take part!

With meat, without meat, vegan.
Author: Florian Ridder
Illustrator: Lisa Rammensee
Photography: Pia Schmikl

Japanese soul food for all! This book is all about the famous Japanese noodles. Ramen are like a three-course meal in one dish: you have a soup, the noodles as the main course, and the toppings are kind of like the appetizer. The great thing about ramen is that you can mix and match the different ingredients to suit your taste or dietary style. While working as a chef in Asia, Florian Ridder became particularly involved with ramen recipes, which he is now making available to a German audience. Anyone who loses track of all the technical terms surrounding the Japanese delicacy, such as shoyu, dashi, miso, umami, or furikake, needs this book: with detailed explanations, colorful illustrations, high-quality photographs, and creative recipes, anyone can prepare their own very special and flavorful ramen.

Paperback, 160 Pages, 19.5 x 24.0 cm
Published: 1.11.2021
Language: German
Features: approx. 100 color illustrations

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